Small or medium enterprise

Small or medium enterprise

Driving SME growth with intelligent techology

We are passionate about working with SMEs to drive their businesses forward through the intelligent application of technology.  We want to work with companies who achieve significant cost reduction, revenue generation or both via technology investment.

We have worked with a broad range of SME businesses and in all cases added measurable value through the technology investment those businesses made with us.

Koios work closely with our SME customers to:

  • Deeply understand the underlying goals of any technology investment
  • Define success, and delivery it
  • Ensure that as little expenditure is made prior to the establishment of a detailed and robust specification and delivery schedule
  • Ensure customers are aware of new and emerging technology that may assist in their goals
  • Equally, ensure that customers do not over-invest in “reinventing the wheel” if there are existing solutions to all or part of their project
SGP Consulting
  • Web Application Development
  • Data, Databases and Analytics
  • Contract Software Engineers
  • SME Mobile Applications
  • Migrations & Modernisation
  • Rapid Prototyping

Web Application Development

Whether it’s PHP, or scripting we have the expertise to ensure your project is a success, no matter how complex. Web development is the foundation of our organisation, all of other services have developed as a result of our unparalleled knowledge of web application development, complex data-driven websites and bespoke business systems. So, what web application skills do we have within the organisation:

  1. PHP / Perl / Python and all associated LAMP technologies
  2. Database administrators and engineers experienced in MySQL, SQL, SAP and Oracle
  3. The entire “Microsoft Stack”: SQL, ASP.NET, C#, VB, F#, IIS and more
  4. Dedicated front-end developers: JQuery, Javascript, AJAX, CSS, HTML
  5. Talented and inspired designers

If you are planning a web application or complex website project, we’d love to hear from you and show you how we can efficiently and comprehensively deliver your requirements.

Data, Databases and Analytics

We have experience in all aspects of database design, optimisation, administration and migration. Databases are the critical element of most business systems and complex websites.  We have years of experience in the design, architecture, optimisation and administration of all modern databases.  We regularly work, and undergo recurring manufacturer approved training, on MySQL, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL, SAP and Oracle databases.  In both our core development and contracting divisions we have access to experts in every possible database field.

We have worked on all scales of database systems from an SAP installation in a manufacturing control system that was handling and processing 32 million rows of data per day, to a small database used for central authentication between an old and new network infrastructure.  We have the specialist skills required to:

  1. Design a performance security optimised database schema for any application
  2. Provided systems architecture advice and consulting for existing projects
  3. Provide database administrators to analyse, optimise and secure existing databases
  4. Query and indexation optimisation
  5. Manage complex migrations and data conversion
  6. Load test and performance analyse an existing system
  7. Provide independent security and performance audits

If you have a database or data feed requirement, we are confident that you will not find a more professional or highly qualified company to engage with than Koios.  Our systems engineering approach and robust quality procedures, as well as a personal and interactive client relationship, represent the best quality of service available.

Contract Software Engineers

Are you looking to supplement your team with niche skills, or have a short term project that needs resourcing?

Koios Technology provide the highest quality of on-site contractors.  IT is a niche profession and paying to get the correct personnel, with the appropriate experience, skills and qualifications is essential.  For defined projects, or when specialist skills are required for a period, it makes little sense to incur the direct employment costs, risks, training and supervision overheads of a traditional employee.

We firmly believe that our contractor offering is unique and best of market.  Here’s what makes us different:

  • Our contractors are all full-time employees of Koios
  • All contractors go through the same rigorous recruitment, technical testing and selection process
  • Our contractors spend, on average, 2 months of each year working back in our main development offices to ensure that they remain standardised, current, and exposed to the correct mix of projects
  • We provide a contractor position, not a specific employee. If your allocated contractor becomes ill or is unable to attend for any reason, they will be replaced with another equally qualified individual
  • We are not an agency, we do not “buy in” resource to fulfill contracts
  • Our academic and industry qualification demands are the highest to be found in the industry

We are able to provide contractors for periods from as short as 2 weeks, to our longest contract which has now been running continuously for over 18 months in a Senior Technical Management role.

We are able to provide the following skilled, qualified and experienced contract skills:

  • LAMP Web Developers (Linux, Apache, PHP, Mysql)
  • Microsoft ASP.NET Developers (C#, VB, F#, IIS)
  • Front end Developers (JQuery, Javascript, UI, UX, Validation, AJAX, Scripting)
  • SQL Database Architects (MySQL, SQL, PostgreSQL)
  • SAP Database Administrators and Systems Architects
  • Oracle Database Administrators and Systems Architects
  • Web and Network Security experts
  • Agile team managers
  • Systems Analysts
  • Development Team Managers
  • Network Managers
  • Business Intelligence Analysts

If you have a requirement for a contractor, long or short term, or would simply like to find out more about how contractors could fit into your business; we’d love to hear from you and give you the benefit of our experience and knowledge in this area.

SME Mobile Applications

We have worked with SME customers on prototype and full production builds of mobile applications using:

  • Native iOS (Objective C and Swift)
  • Native Android (Java)
  • Xamarin hybrid C# .Net
  • Cordova / PhoneGap

We have experience of all types of mobile apps, and the critical supporting backend and web services, and have produced apps in the past 12 months including:

  • A real-time messaging and social media aggregation app
  • Motorcycle crash detection and route recording app
  • Payroll and contractor management solution
  • Distance learning training and assessment app
  • Workflow based solutions for remote workers
  • Complex insurance aggregation and broking platform (FCA regulated)

We are not a design studio, and work with a limited number of specialist partners for the production of high quality visual designs.  We believe in being deep specialists and partnering with leading design professionals to de-risk a project and increase overall quality.

Migrations & Modernisation

We provide an outsourced IT service management service to both public and private sector organisations across the UK.

We provide a range of outsourced IT service management services to companies across the UK.  Our significant investment in the right people, communications technology and IT hardware has enabled us to offer a level of service that we feel is hard to beat.  We offer the following range of manged IT services:

  • Fixed cost telephone and remote access IT support for SMEs
  • Per desk based IT support pricing for larger organisations
  • Support for specific and bespoke software applications and services
  • Bug and issue tracking for software services and releases
  • Independent quality management
  • Branded in-house helpdesk services

Rapid Prototyping

Increasingly, investors are seeing the advantage of engaging in rapid prototyping (Digital by Default discovery and alpha) projects to decrease uncertainty and increase the surety of requirements and specification prior to committing to expensive and long duration software projects.

At Koios we have been encouraging this approach for a number of years and have a broad experience of facilitating minimal viable product (MVP) developments as part of an ongoing requirements refinement process prior to engaging in major software development projects.

Some of our SME clients

  • CAT
  • Quest Partnership
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