Corporate Enterprise

Corporate Enterprise

We understand the challenges of enterprise scale technology

Koios have worked at the complex and vast scale end of the enterprise software spectrum with large international clients.  We understand the challenges and opportunities that come with developing technology for enterprise deployment within large corporate organisations.

Our passionate belief is in a systems engineering approach to software development.  Our investment in the highest quality of software engineers, analysts, project managers and deep specialists allows us to work successfully on the largest IT projects; either alone or as part of an integrated digital supply chain.

If you have a complex enterprise software requirement, take a look at the case study projects where we have repeatedly delivered excellence and exceeded expectations.  We’d love to hear about your project and discuss how we can contribute to its success and form a lasting technology partnership with your organisation.

SGP Consulting
  • Accreditations
  • Business Process Automation
  • Legacy to Cloud Transition
  • Complex Databases and Analytics
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Contract Software Engineers


ISO27001 accredited

  • ISO9001 accredited
  • GCloud approved supplier
  • Crown Commercial Service (CCS) approved supplier
  • BBC Digital Services Framework II provider
  • Enhanced CCS compliant professional indemnity and public liability insurance held
  • Nuclear Regulatory Authority approved developers
  • DVA SC and DV security clearances held

Business Process Automation

Koios have a broad range and depth of experience in helping large enterprises produce scalable, secure and auditable web applications to automate business processes.

Following Government direction relating to reliance on business critical spreadsheets in 2012, we have worked with public sector departments and agencies to migrate complex macro driven spreadsheets with little or no quality assurance into fully deployed web applications.

We have worked with the Siemens, Audi, CAT and NAREC in this space and have the experience and competence to ensure transformational value from the design, deployment and maintenance of business process web applications.

Legacy to Cloud Transition

We have assisted several large enterprises with the transition of legacy technology solutions into a cloud environment.

Our teams work closely to develop a full transition and migration solution that will fully cater for risk and business continuity to as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP) levels of mitigation.

If you are looking to migrate a legacy system to a cloud infrastructure and both improve performance and reduce ongoing costs, we have the experience and credibility to help you achieve your goals.

Complex Databases and Analytics

Koios have years of experience in designing, architecting, deploying, optimising and scaling complex enterprise databases.  Having been a key supplier on the initial digital smart meter project with both the Department for Energy and Siemens, we have experience of “big data” long before it was an overused marketing term.  We have handled petabyte storage deployments of clustered SQL and Oracle installations and provided near real-time analytics for an energy system recording 34,000,000 data points per day with an initial 3 year backlog of data to import, cleanse and store.

If your department or organisation has a complex data, database or data analytics project, we’d love to be involved and ensure that it results in measurable value to your P&L.

Rapid Prototyping

Increasingly, the public sector is seeing the advantage of engaging in rapid prototyping (Digital by Default discovery and alpha) projects to decrease uncertainty and increase the surety of requirements and specification prior to committing to expensive and long duration software projects.

At Koios we have been encouraging this approach for a number of years and have a broad experience of facilitating minimal viable product (MVP) developments as part of an ongoing requirements refinement process prior to engaging in major software development projects.

Technical Due Diligence

Technical DueDil Ltd, and Koios Technology company, has extensive experience of providing investors, HNWIs, VC and PE houses insightful technical due diligence and audit for portfolio and potential investment companies.

Having advised on deals ranging from £100k to £13.2m, we have a unique breadth and depth of experience in identifying risk, offering mitigation and providing completely independent advice as to the technology merits of any given investment opportunity.

Contract Software Engineers

We are not a recruitment agency or “body shop”.  However, we recognise the need for corporate and large enterprise to augment their in-house teams with software engineers and consultants in order to:

  • Provide project surge capacity
  • Bring in bespoke and niche skillsets
  • Agility injection

We provide a number of corporate clients with excellent on and off-site software engineers, all of whom are our full-time employees and trained by Koios.

If you think you could benefit from deployment of our software engineering professionals into your organisation, or the transformation capability of our Adoption and Change Management (ACM) ProSci consultants, then please get in touch.

Our corporate and enterprise clients

  • Siemens
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