Latest Case Studies

Our main body of work is as diverse as our client base. Take a look at some of our recent projects and see how we can have a positve effect on your business, brand and ROI.

  • RealRider

    Koios are the lead developers of the Real Rider project. This project involves the complete re-architecture and build of a safety critical (999 approved) mobile and web application for the detection and reporting of motorcycle crash incidents; feeding directly to 999. This project is the first of its kind in the UK and the only application to directly feed into the emergency services.

  • OnBoardPro Ltd

    Koios was given a brief to design and develop desktop and mobile applications that were fundamental to the launch of the Onboard Pro business. The Onboard Pro board of Directors required an innovative software solution to tackle business processes within the letting industry that were overly complex and inefficient.

  • INS

    Koios was invited to tender for the provision of an Estimating Database relating to INS Shipping Costs. The requirement specified production of a Microsoft SQL database and a C# .Net front end to manage the estimating process for shipping estimates. The complete system needed to be compliant with the software and security requirements of the company’s network and the design needed to provide an intuitive interface that would allow a single area where estimates can be created, data stored, analysed and updated.

  • Siemens

    Working on behalf of Digital Energy, Koios was tasked to deliver a complex energy benchmarking tool for Siemens UK. The tool analysed up to 36 million data elements to provide comparative data on the energy efficiency of commercial buildings. This enabled building energy managers to make informed decisions relating to efficiency opportunities and to the future of their asset portfolio.

  • Palintest

    The Palintest project is a change from Koios's usual data driven website development. The unique part of the system is the Vero software that takes data from a water testing instrument and displays it for the user. The Vero software also communicates with the second part of the system that we have developed for Palintest, the web based Portal that allows customisation of the limits and data used by the Vero software.

  • EDF Energy

    Working alongside Quest Partnership, a leading firm of business psychologists, Koios were tasked to design, develop and implement a fully hosted, secure, 360 appraisal system for the client. The system had to be fully automated and allow a user with standard IT skills to login, participate in a 360 appraisal process, and receive a detailed PDF report when their appraisal was complete. The system would be used by middle and senior management within EDF, including the Group CEO.

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