Going “deskless” by Dave Sharp

Friday 12 February 2016 | Category: Technology

The yearly technology prediction report from GP Bullhound for 2016 is out and as per previous years it is a considered and informative overview of the technology that will continue to invade our lives over the next 12 months.

One of the more interesting predictions is the “deskless” work environment. Enterprise mobile applications have created a weakened reliance on a desk and chair for a lot of employees, especially in the healthcare, construction, retail and transportation sectors. Google is cited in the report as estimating that 80% of the global workforce is now performing some form of deskless activity as part of their daily workload.

Technologies like Slack have successfully created new work spaces online that lessen need to provide physical infrastructure for each employee – reducing the cash that companies need to set aside for the office environment.  The challenge is for companies to understand how this deskless productivity can be measured if the employee is not present physically to give reports and updates. Slackand other work flow tools have some work to do here but in the main a mobile work force that is not shackled to expensive physical infrastructure has some massive benefits.

SGP is using Slack to enhance productivity and work flow for its internal development teams to communicate between offices. Conference calls are still done daily as part of the companies’ agile project management methods but for lower level or more mundane issues Slack is a perfect aside to the daily stand up.

The deskless future is bright. Successful enterprise solutions can transform businesses. Simple and intuitive mobile apps on the right devices and with the right management metrics will become the norm for companies competing in the global marketplace.

SGP expects enterprise mobile apps to become the next must-have addition to the company technology stack. Deep domain expertise lined up with the right development resource will help establish companies become leaders in their field and extend the digital reach far outside the physical confines of the office.

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