My Apprenticeship at Koios by Will Chambers

Tuesday 7 June 2016 | Category: Uncategorised

In my opinion apprenticeships grant a young individual the chance to work in a practical environment and have a supportive network of specialists who aid you in advancing in a career within an industry that inspires you

Apprentices are given the same opportunities as employees, earning a weekly wage whilst being alongside experienced staff. When it comes to building transferable skills to attract employers, an apprenticeship is an excellent choice.
An apprenticeship with Koios has resulted in an opportunity to get into a profession that I truly desired, by taking on the role from the moment of leaving high school and deciding not to attend college. It has had a massive part on putting me one step ahead of everyone else.
By doing so it has guided me onto the right path of one day becoming a fully qualified software engineer. I feel that receiving professional knowledge from experts within a company one to one cannot even be compared to being taught by a teacher or lecturer, as the person who does the job knows better than anyone else. One of the main reasons I decided to become an apprentice was because I wanted to gain commercial experience, as I do feel it is more effective, than anything else on a CV. My time so far at Koios has enabled me to gain this commercial and technical experience that far outweighs what I could have learnt at college. I am learning new skills each day and by just being within a professional environment means I am constantly developing.
For anyone who is interested in a specific field in ICT, I would strongly recommend searching for an apprenticeship as it will shape your future and set you on the right track for a successful career as a software engineer.

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