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Koios Technology Limited is a bespoke business software and consultancy business specialising in highly regulated and safety-critical applications. We work across the corporate, SME and public sector spectrum; often engaging with well funded disruptive technology innovators.

From our headquarters in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, our reach is truly international, and with several retained clients in the UK, USA and Germany we have a growing international capacity. Koios has a simple aim, to ensure that technology is used as a catalyst for performance improvement, whether that be fiscal or otherwise.  We are not in the business of developing software that does not solve specific organisational challenges and provide a significant return on investment multiple to our clients.

Mission Statement

“To deliver real added value to our clients using the intelligent application of technology, constantly delivering in excess of expectation”


The business is founded on a core of process and systems engineering principles to bring the highest levels of development and consultancy standards to the IT industry.  We work very closely with clients to ensure that the scope and specification of any project is correct prior to commencement.  The business has become accredited by, and worked for Central UK Government as a Cabinet Office approved supplier, G-Cloud supplier to UK Government agencies, approved Welsh Government software and consultancy partner as well as working in the highly regulated sectors of insurance (Financial Conduct Authority) and Nuclear (International Nuclear Services).  In the private sector we have worked with some of the most ambitious VC funded start-ups to develop solid foundations for high growth SaaS platforms, and some of the largest European companies including Siemens and Audi (UK).

Koios continues to grow exponentially whist preserving profitability. This is achieved through continuous delivery and exceedance of client expectations, significant investment into the highest quality development and consultancy resource, and a very strong relationship with the investor and VC market.

Company Core Values

  • Technical Excellence

    Technical Excellence

    Koios’s cutting edge team of software engineers operate at the highest standards of technical ability and delivery.

  • Insight


    Thorough research, understanding and communication enable Koios to add both technical and commercial value to our projects.

  • Innovation


    Koios encourages leading edge product development to create novel and complex solutions.

  • Proven delivery

    Proven delivery

    A track record of high profile and successful projects secures Koios’s market leading position in the North East.

  • Integrity


    All of Koios’s relationships, both internal and external, are built on honesty, respect and trust.

  • Stability


    Financially and organisationally strong empowers Koios to outperform its competitors.

  • Personal effort

    Personal effort

    Attention to detail, pride in output and going the extra mile ensures Koios’s projects are constantly delivered to the client on budget and on time.

And here's some of the clients we work with

  • Cabinet Office Approved
  • HP
  • INS
  • RealRider
  • Microsoft
  • Audi
  • Siemens
  • Quest Partnership
  • Fortress
  • Smith & Henderson
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